Customized Solutions
How it works

We provide you with a modern vending machine. This can be a snack machine, drink machine, or combination snack and drink machine.

We work with you to decide what products go in the machines.

We take care of the machine and keep it stocked.

We routinely run sales reports and rotate product offerings by replacing slow moving items.

We take the time to ask managers and employees how we can improve our service and take requests for new products.

Features of our Machines

Our machines offer:

  • Credit/debit card reader in addition to taking cash and coins
  • Daily remote monitoring so we know if a product selection is running low
  • Energy-saving mode can be used so no power is wasted keeping drinks cold overnight if no employees are working
  • Ability to program machine to provide employee discounts (e.g. to reward employees working on weekends)
  • SmartCard technology – we can upload/change machine settings quickly
  • Capability to add Entrée/Side Dish Vendor to machine for healthy meal options
  • Machines are compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines
  • Machines are proudly made in the USA
Small Location Solutions

Have you been told your location is too small for a vending machine or that your location can only be serviced once per month or less?  Perhaps you’ve been told your business is too small to receive a modern machine. We can help. We have customized small location plans that will meet the needs of your employees and customers and provide you with a modern machine and service that you and your employee will love.

Customized Graphic Design

We can provide custom graphics on your machine so that it will match the spirit and design of your office and breakroom.

Subsidized Vending

Subsidized vending is a unique way to improve employee engagement and customer loyalty. We simply reduce the price of the products in the machines to a price you are comfortable with. Your employees and customers benefit by purchasing the products at the cheaper price, and we bill your company for the difference each month. We can even place an agreed upon limit to the monthly billing to help control your cost.

Free Vending

This program is much like our subsidized program except that the products are offered to your employees and customers at no charge.  (Offering free beverages is the most common) We provide a glass front cooler if you need it, and keep you stocked up on products. We bill you each time we visit to restock. If you already provide some free products to you employees and customers, we can help reduce the hassle of frequent trips to the store by managing the program for you.

Advanced Technology

Our modern machines combine wireless technology with proprietary software which allows us to remotely monitor your machine. We are at work early every morning checking reports on each machine’s inventory so that we know when you are running low on products.

How many machines can you provide to our business – more than one?

This depends on several factors. First we need to evaluate the volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. Next, we need to consider if there is competition from other vending machines located in your business if you have any. If these two factors confirm there’s enough demand for an additional machine, we will be happy to supply one to your business. Some locations such as large schools, businesses, colleges, etc. may have enough demand for multiple machines.

What types of products will be stocked in the machines?

Your input is key into what products go into the machine. With over  100 great tasting traditional and healthy products to choose from, we know your employees will be satisfied with the choice we offer. We routinely monitor purchasing trends to update the products in the machine by replacing slow selling items.

Do we have to sign an agreement?

We ask that you sign a basic agreement that outlines the relationship between your location and us – just so everyone is comfortable.  This contract has no time commitment. It basically states that we will be responsible for keeping the machine stocked and maintained.